The OTR fleet is made up of 36 trucks which operate primarily Reefer trailers from WI to the East Coast to I-25 from which is a straight line from North Dakota thru Denver on it’s way to TX. On the average we haul 70 loads out of WI made up of approximately 27 to the East Coast, 33 to the Mid-West, 5 to the South East and FL, and 5 to the West and South. Once our OTR drivers are empty we typically try to load them back to IL or WI so they can grab a 2nd or 3rd load out of WI to do it all over again. Our OTR drivers are typically home for their weekends after 5 to 5.5 days on the road, the majority of them are based out of WI however have some located in IL, IN, MO, OH, & TN which is where they call home.